Bowral Tennis Club - 2022/23 Memberships

2022/23 FEES including GST (12 months):(July 1st 2022 to June 30th, 2023)

·         Adults & Seniors (non-pensioners) - $80.00 (19 yrs+)

·         Juniors - $50.00 (18 & under)

·         Family - $195.00

·    Pensioners - $50.00 

·   Adult Visitor 6 month (valid for 6 months from date of purchase) - $60.00

·   Adult Visitor 3 Months (valid for 3 months from date of purchase) - $40.00

     Please go to for further information



General Booking Information The best way to book a court is through the website. This is a very simple process and can be done from any computer, tablet or smartphone at any time and from anywhere. It shows court availability in real time.

The online booking system will show 3 categories of booking types. They are:

1.'Members Social’ slots (during these times members can come and play with no booking required).

2. 'Members ONLY’ slots - during these times members need to book a court online but they are free when your membership number is entered and the system confirms it matches your other details in the system that were provided when you joined online. These times are Wednesdays 8.30 to 11.30am, Fridays 1 to 3pm, Saturdays 1-5pm and Sundays 7.30am-9.30am and 1-3pm on specified courts.  Non-members are unable to book a court during these blocks.  PLEASE NOTE: sometimes all courts are booked out due to a tournament being run.

3. 'Available’ slots' (during these times anyone can book a court and members receive a discounted rate of $6.00 per hour during daytime and $11.00 per hour under lights).

Bowral Tennis Club is excited at the introduction of a modern, easy to use booking system for the complex. Players can now join at any time, ensure their court is booked and available thereby eliminating court usage clashes.

To book a court or see availability click HERE


1. Please note that during school holidays Coaching Camps take preference over any other bookings.

2. If wet weather affects court availability Coaches lessons will take preference over any bookings.

3. Special events such as sanctioned tournaments, inter-club challenges or team events that may be programmed into the annual calendar also take preference over any other court bookings.